Children love it!

Safe toys Kubi Dubi for children
of all ages. Made from natural
premium quality wood.

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About EcoToys

Play with Kubi Dubi!

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Large pieces

No chocking hazard thanks to large-sized pieces

Polished surfaces

All Kubi Dubi piecies are repeatedly polished to ensure the ideally smooth surfaces

shaped blocks

Every set features originally designed pieces

Our materials
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Early childhood education

Introduces children to geometric shapes, boosts the development of spatial cognition, imagination and logic, enhances fine motor skills, provides joy from solving construction play problems

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About design


Every set features originally designed pieces

About package

Packaging made
from wood

Wooden packaging box preserves its condition for many years to come


Valuable wood species

We use only premium quality valuable wood species to manufacture our sets

Our technologies
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Quality wooden toys are hypoallergenic so the parents can be assured in their complete safety to child's health. From the very start babies want to explore the structure and density of every object by touching and tasting. In this period of life it is especially important to have your baby surrounded by eco-friendly and safe toys.


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