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Wooden toys from Eco Toys are created by Russian craftsmen from quality wood species.

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All toys undergo mandatory quality control. A selection offered includes toys for ages 3 and older, so that parents have a choice for an age-appropriate set for their child.

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State-of-the-art technologies and production process control

Thanks to advanced wood processing technologies available these days, toys made from wood are seeing a “rebirth”. Here at Eco Toys our primary concern is the safety of toys in the hands of young experimentalists, therefore we watch intently over the quality of our production processes.

Sustainable materials and state-of-the-art equipment allow the creation of toys that are safe and can't harm the children.

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Natural materials

Our toys are meant to enjoy long and intense life in the hands of children. You can be sure that your little one can safely explore not only the durability but the taste as well. We use no paints, no resins, no chemicals.

  • No paints
  • No resins
  • No chemicals
Our materials

Easy care and durability

From the very first days a child starts exploring the world around and keeps expanding its boundaries. Wooden toys are durable: they are difficult to break and they are up to withstanding any trials their energetic owners put them through. They are easy to take care of and they are water-friendly. Just rinse them up and they will be back in line. Simplicity of forms opens up possibilities for creativity and never loses an element of novelty: children keep coming back to their wooden toys again and again and find new ways of experimenting

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Educational design

Wooden toys provide room for experimentation and imagination of a child. Wood can be used for making everything: from simple figurines of animals to construction sets and musical instruments — such as harmonica or xylophone, board games and mazes. These toys can be played with independently or in the company of kids or grownups.The child becomes an artist while looking for new colour combinations, a musician — while seeking new sounding harmonies and an architect — while creating new objects. Later in life he or she may choose any profession, however the most important thing is that your child is surrounded by love and the warmth of nature from the very beginning.


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