Wooden toys: pros and cons

Toys are indispensable for the development of logic, senses and skills of a child. Does this mean that we need to buy plenty of toys and that these toys must move, twinkle and make sounds?



1. Wooden toys are non-toxic and are hypoallergenic.To make sure they are safe and to avoid any possible counterfeit, we recommend checking the certificate of quality.

2. Wooden toys are durable, practical and long-lasting, they can't break into many little pieces, and therefore are non-harmful.

3. While buying wooden toys make sure that all surfaces are well polished and impeccably smooth. Toys that have have smaller pieces aren't safe because of the risk of swallowing.

4. Wooden toys are excellent “helpers” while your child is learning about shapes and textures. They encourage a child to experiment and give a boost to his or her imagination.

5. Wooden toys can be assembled and disassembled.

6. Thanks to the versatile qualities of the material, more and more wooden toys for the children of all ages can be found in the stores.



1. Wooden toys cost more than plastic ones, however one can agree, that the higher price tag is due to a better quality and more complex manufacturing processes.

2. Wooden toys should not be left in water for long period of time. Make sure to dry them off after washing or rinsing.

3. Wooden toys can be painted or treated with substances that are not entirely safe for kids. Therefore it is better to acquire toys that don't have any varnish. Natural texture and “warm” colours offer your little one an experience that is visually and sensorially rich.

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